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Live Stream, Webcast, Pocast Network

James Holmes Media - Live Stream, Webcast, Pocast Network

Welcome to James Holmes Media

Welcome to James Holmes Media the hub for entrepreneur James Holmes media related activities. James is a Internet entrepreneur, broadcaster, web-caster, pod-caster, and blogger. James has been featured on a national cable television reality series, hosted numerous broadcast radio shows, produced hundreds of podcast, and maintains a global blog network.

From this site you can easily access a variety of websites and content aggregation sites where the content James produces through all forms of media can be consumed and shared with others.

James Holmes Radio

James Holmes has been a producer and host in broadcast radio beginning in 1990 and continuing through today. The content James has delivered to his audience have been focused on two topics business and motorsports delivered in a news talk format.

During the past five years James has leverage the Internet and new media platforms to produce more than 300 podcast across two podcast platforms in addition to i-Tunes.

James Holmes TV

James Holmes has appeared on a national television program produced by the HGTV Cable Network featured on the popular reality program ‘My First Place,’ which became one of the most popular episodes and continued to air for over two years.

During the past four years James has leveraged the Internet and new media platforms to product live stream events and web content for the entrepreneurial and home based business markets.

 Blog Publishing

James Holmes has developed and maintained a network of niche topic business blogs on topics ranging from Internet marketing, home business training, entrepreneurship, motorsports, and personal development.